On a Rainy Day

Note: This was a drabble/ challange that miss bitter-sweet-mischief had requested me to do, stating me to ‘break her muse.’ Enjoy… 

A gun shot rang out trough the alley, fresh blood painting the walls as a body slumped to the ground. He lowered the gun, his red eyes seeming to glow in the gloom of the alley way.

V-Vait… Vat’s going on!? Vat am I doing!?

Footsteps came closer as someone ran towards the alley. He brought his weapon up, aiming it at the unknown person who rounded the corner. She shrieked at the sight, covering her mouth with her hands to stifle her own scream. “G-Gilbert, what are you doing!?”

A-Amy? N-Nein! Don’t hurt her!!

For reasons unknown he lowered the gun and placed it in his deep coat pockets. He started to walk towards her not taking his eyes from her. Once in front of her he stared at her for a moment the brought his hands up around her neck, keeping a tight grip around it.

Amy desperately brought her hands up around his, trying to release his terrifying grip. She looked up at him, looking for any sign of symapthy or him stopping, but found nothing but a cold stare in return. “G-Gil… P-P-Plea…” she tried to choke out pleads for him to stop but was unable to.

Her face quickly began to be drained of it’s colour, her beautiful blue eyes now a haze and her hands went limp. All signs of life had been taken from her, and just like the previous victim, Gilbert let her slump to the ground.

T-This can’t be… This has to be a dream, right… RIGHT!?

Gilbert looked down at his hands, whatever sorcery that had been over him was now gone. Tears poured down his cheeks, he clutched at his hair as fell to his knees. “A-Amy… N-Nein!!! This can’t be! Amy!”

He went over to her, looking furiously for any sign of life but found none. Gilbert covered his face, his mouth began to quiver as his sobs worsened. It was all over, and she was gone. He had done this. He had killed her.

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